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As specialist Offshore Accounting & Finance recruiters, we understand the complexities and additional nuances the offshore process involves. To ensure we service these specific nuances, we employ only the best talent to ensure you are provided with the best talent. That is why we are staffed with:

Qualified and Experienced finance professionals

Professionals whom have lived and worked both onshore and offshore, across various financial services roles

These attributes allow us to take a holistic approach to your staffing requirements, understanding the ins and outs of the offshore business model and the lifestyle of a professional expat.

We understand about you:

  • How your offshore firm employs a differing structure and attributes;
  • Your identified preferred candidate profile;
  • The offshore interview process;
  • Your islands culture and lifestyle.

We understand about our candidates:

  • Their training undertaken, and any niche skills they may possess to enhance an area of your business;
  • Their Onshore experience, we know ‘whom they are’ professionally having been there and worked there;
  • Their professional personality, our screening process draws on our own offshore backgrounds assessing whether their personality is a good fit for your firms culture.

Through our screening process we educate our candidates around:

  • Quality of work and realistic salary expectations;
  • Expat lifestyle and applicable work / life balance;
  • Cost of living;
  • An understanding of the work permit process;
  • Local school system;
  • Likelihood of their partner obtaining work.

This process allows you to be confident that candidates presented are armed with the tools and knowledge to declare themselves, and any accompanying family, fully committed to making the move.

Should you have any queries regarding our services or have a job vacancy you would like us to work on, please don’t hesitate to contact us. By filling in the form below, one of our qualified consultants will make return contact within 24 hours.

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